How We’re Coping with COVID…

Fall 2020 Newsletter

Dear Friends of
Santa Maria El Mirador,

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to produce uncertainty, stress and trauma in the lives of our staff, participants, guardians and State Officials.  Everyone has been impacted by this virus but it has also been a time that has brought out the best in our staff, our participants and all those who have been supportive of our agency.  

We are incredibly thankful to all of you, for your caring support and prayers. Our number one priority has always been to keep our employees and participants safe and protected. During this time of increased challenges as an essential provider, we have implemented rigorous cleaning and hygiene protocols throughout our facilities and are practicing other safety precautions including social distancing, daily screening, temperature checks and facial covering for added protection.

We continue to comply with our Governor’s public health orders and provide onsite testing for our staff and clients.   I am happy to report that all client testing has come back negative!!  I am incredibly proud of our staff who come to work every day and put others before themselves to ensure quality care and meaningful days.

They create new and exciting projects for our clients that include outdoor walks, face mask contests, scavenger hunts, art projects, cooking, birthday parades, gardening, interactive therapy’s, buddy calls  and a long list of meaningful activities to keep our clients occupied and learning life skills.  We are sparing no expense in these efforts.  We are slowly and cautiously opening visitation in our beautiful gardens as well as on site client employment  

Santa Maria El Mirador has weathered many challenges, good times and bad, ups and downs and everything in-between. The strength, restless sacrifice, compassion around us, and the level to which our New Mexico communities are coming together through this pandemic has been extraordinary and inspiring. Because of this, we will emerge much stronger and more resilient.  

We are all in this together. Our Santa Maria team is always here to care for the most vulnerable and to provide excellent paid benefits to our staff.  We encourage you to reach out at us any time. We will continue to pray that everyone in each of our communities remain safe and healthy so that all of us working together can save lives. We are proud to play a critical role in this fight by ensuring the health and safety of the precious lives entrusted to our care.  

 With hope and appreciation, 

Patsy Romero 

We’re excited to implement our new Direct Care Program!

SMEM recognizes that our workforce needs in direct care must be addressed to provide continued services to the Intellectually Disabled in New Mexico.  Our program depends on the viability of our Direct Care Services Program and therefore we have designed a Direct Care Program that values the Direct Care Professional. 

A DCP starting salary with our agency is $13.25 an hour and offers the opportunity to earn up to and above $15 per hour.   Join us for this exciting and rewarding career opportunity serving those in need of caring and dedicated professionals.  

How We’re Keeping Busy…

Even with the restrictions that COVID-19 has imposed on everyday life, we still make it a priority to have fun, rewarding activities for our clients. 

Recently our clients got to explore Santa Fe on a scavenger hunt that was created by our staff! 

The fun train doesn’t stop at the rail yard. Every day is an adventure for our clients.